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Battle of New Orleans

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Battle of New Orleans naval art print of the naval battle at New Orleans from the American civil war art print series by Cranston Fine Arts. 

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Battle of New Orleans.

Battle of New Orleans.

During the American Civil war , the Union navy attacked the Confederate defences around New Orleans. The Confederates were commanded by Major General Mansfield Lovell who was in New Orleans. The Union ships encountered the River Defense Fleet and CSS Manassas. While the gunboats were easily dealt with, Manassas attempted to ram USS Pensacola, but missed the ship and continued downstream, but managed to manouver to ram the Union ship USS Brooklyn. The Manassas rammed the Brooklyn but failed to strike a fatal blow as it hit Brooklyns full coal bunkers. The Manassas was downstream of the Union fleet now and was unable to make enough speed against the current to engage the Union ships again. As a result, its captain ran it aground where it was destroyed by Union gun fire.
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New Orleans 1815

New Orleans 1815

New Orleans 1815 tells the story of General Andrew Jacksons great victory over a British force commanded by Sir Edmund Packenham. The British landed in New Orleans in an attempt to win decisive control of the Mississippi Valley but Jackson had constructed formidable fortifications. During the fighting which ensued only a handful of American troops became casualties while the losses on the British side amounted to some 2,000 men. The British cause was lost and they soon embarked for home.
Item Code : CROM1137New Orleans 1815 - Editions Available
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